Course on Evolution

Course on Evolution

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Do you want to know about evolution?


This course is on evolution and 
evolutionary psychology. We are 
working here to give a coherent 
idea about evolution.Evolutionary psychologists think that human 
children are born essentialists.
Like Plato, children do not 
believe in evolution.This feature may have been developed to keep the minds of children stable and
focused. It can be said that 
this is our primitive feature. 
Monkey sand caterpillars came 
from acommon ancestor who did not look like a monkey, but looked 
a lot like a Caterpillar. There 
may be two types of primitive 
features. Mental and physical. 
There are some animals that are 
intellectually like their 
predecessors and some animals are completely different.The purpose
of our course is to know the correct explanation of the evolution
of species beyond the innate 
tendency. Those who are interested to take part in this course should fill the form.



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